Solollama is a long distance telephone service provider. We offer our users the best quality and honesty, desigend to the needs of our hispanic market.

    Our company was built in 1999 in the USA and Venezuela, with the objective to provide innovation in the prepaid long distance calling cards with our main effort to give the best quality and honesty. In just a short time we became the 3rd most important long distance providers in Venezuela and we expanded our operations to Peru where we caputured the interest of Intercable (Venezuela) and Ibasis (Peru) which previously bought the operation in the two respective countries.

    Since 2007, in Solollama we have concentrated our efforts in amplifying our services to small and mid sized companys.In the service area of long distances for consumers , we concentrate our effors in expanding our prepaid products, from our calling cards to Virtual Cards or pinless, and Virtual numbers ( local number in your country) and international prepaid plans to cover all the communcational needs for our hispanic consumers in the USA.

    We currently have more than 1,300 corporate clients and more than 100,000 long distance service clients.