What is a Virtual Calling card?

  It is a prepaid long distance service that is pinless and allows you to make international calls.

  What is a virtual calling card used for?

To make international calls to any number enjoying
the best rates and no hidden fees

Purchase or recharge your Virtual Card easily by phone or Internet

Set up the number you call most frequently in your "speed
dial" to dial quicker so you call even faster

Can make outgoing calls using any number you wish to
register on your account.

Set up you automatic recharge and never be left without balance.

  What benefits do I receive from using Solollama?

Accumulate points with every purchase , which you can exchange for credit of AA miles

Download the app to your Iphone or Android device and
and dial directly from your contacts list


  How does it work?

Purchase and register HERE the number you wish to make calls from

Dial the access number in the USA

Dial 011 + country code + number you wish to reach follow by # sign


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