What is a Local Number?

 It is a local number in the country of your choosing, which allows you to received unlimited calls from your family
 and friends. It's that Easy!

  What is a Local Number for?

Give your family and friends the liberty to call you as
if you were in the same country as them.

You will always be connected with family and friends
without the high cost of long distance services

No need for internet to receive calls.

Calls can be received on either your cellphone or landline.

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*The unlimtied service is based on residential/normal personal use, based on
the policy of reasonable usuage and terms and condicions of the service

** More than 1,000 cities available

  How does it work?

Choose the country and city of your Local Number

Where do you wish to receive your calls?
Share your Local Number with your friends and family so they can call you!

  How much does it cost?

Local Number in any country from